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Oh dear – the SABC is hosting a ‘Thank you concert’…for the SABC
Posted by on Sep 7th, 2016

Given that the SABC is in a crisis and the amount of negative press it has received over the past year, you’d think that they would at least try and do a bit of damage control and stay out of the spotlight. Nope. They are still going full rev at demonstrating what a gigantic eff up things have become and Hlaudi Motsoeneng is proudly leading the way. The latest wtf moment goes to the SABC decision to host a thank you concert…for themselves. Yep, it’s officially being called the ‘Thank You SABC Music Concert’.

sabc concert

Glorious. Who cares how much kak is happening, let’s have a party and congratulate ourselves. Yay.

And they even want to go into the record books. This from Times Live.

“We are promoting a brand. Even CNN or Al Jazeera or BBC has never had a concert where people in London or artists in London will say ‘Thank you CNN or BBC.’ It means what we are doing must go to the Guinness Book of Records.”


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