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Here’s a 360 degree, 4 billion pixel interactive panorama of Mars [PIC]
Posted by on Sep 7th, 2016

Geek alert. We’ve seen plenty high resolution pics where you can zoom in for days, but it’s not often you get to see one from another planet hey. But if you’re into science and sh*t then the recent pic taken on Mars by the Mars Curiosity Rover will likely touch you on your happy place. A 4 billion pixel 360 degree image on the surface of Mars.

Right now there are probably at least a hundred conspiracy theorists zooming into every rock trying to find signs of life.

Anyways…this is what you start out with.

mars gigapixel

You see that red circle. This is how far you can zoom in.

mars zoomed

Now go see if you can find an alien.

mars gigapixel link

Good times.

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