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Die Antwoord new music video…with Oscar Pistorius references and a huge penis [VIDEO]
Posted by on Sep 1st, 2016

Ya hey…you should know by now that every time Die Antwoord release a new music video the standard procedure is to make it controversial. Their new one ‘Banana Brain’ is no different and this time they threw in some Oscar Pistorius shooting references, a big penis and debateable blackface.

The Pistorius references include Ninja wearing prosthetic legs, shooting at traffic lights and trying to shoot his girlfriend Yo-Landi who locks herself in the bathroom.

banana bling

Thats from the trippy scene in a UV lit room where Ninja is covered in dark paint and if you really wanna see the giant penis then pause it at the 4.15 mark.

No doubt it’s gonna be controversial, but what did you expect.

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