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Whatsapp has started sharing your data with Facebook, here’s how to stop it [PICS]
Posted by on Aug 31st, 2016

Over the past week you’re likely have been forwarded a WhatsApp group message from paranoid friends saying that your data is being shared on Facebook and you have 30 days to change it or else everyone will see your dodgy messages and pics of your happy bits. Well part of that is true, but it sounds more dramatic than it really is. So i’ve put together some facts for you and will tell you how to stop your data being shared.

First up…Facebook bought WhatsApp way back in 2014 so they own it. WhatsApp has recently updated it’s terms of service and this includes sharing data with Facebook to make targeted ads more relevant and communicating with consumers easier. Well it’s the latter part that has users upset since they were assured in 2014 that your WhatsApp data would remain private. Never-the-less your data is gonna be shared whether you like it or not, but it won’t be your messages or pics…just your phone number and when last you were online.

There are two ways of opting out of your WhatsApp data being shared with Facebook. If you’ve logged onto WhatsApp recently you will have seen this message pop up.

whatsapp facebook share

1: Now if you didn’t click ‘AGREE’ yet and closed the page then the next time it pops up scroll down to where i’ve circled in red. You need to click the read more arrow in the right corner there and some new options will open.

UNTICK THE BOX that says “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook”.

Ok you’re done.

2: If you’ve already agreed to the new terms of service then here’s what you need to do because you only have 30 days to make the choice.

– Open WhatsApp
– Go to Settings
– Go Account
– Untick the ‘Share my account info’ box.

This one.

opt out whatsapp share facebook

Now you know.

Don’t say you didn’t know in 30 days time.

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