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Dude letting his girlfriend fall off a cliff is dividing the internet [video]
Posted by on Aug 5th, 2016

We’ve had a few videos over the years that have proper divided the internet…like the blue/black or white/gold dress and this week saw another emerge that is being hotly debated. The full context is unclear, but you can see a couple on a high cliff jumping into the water below. The girl slips and tries to grab the guys leg, but instead of helping her he pulls his leg away.

girl cliff jump

Should he have helped and risk being dragged down with her or was he justified in pulling away his leg?

Split second decision there.

Also i have no idea what happened after that.

Either way, some people are saying he did the right thing while hers are calling him a coward. Some even suggested he should have kicked her further away from the cliff side.

What say you?

Roan says:
August 08, 2016 at 7:26 am

Interesting that this is actually from a music video for Jay Alvarez’s music video “Summer”. Still not clear if this was intentionally part of the production or not, but would be interested to see the context given in the original post to see whether someone was trying to create something bigger out of it. (fast forward to 2:16 for the actual clip)

Personal opinion, right call (& instinct) to move his leg away. I don’t think he could realistically have held her weight with just his leg stretched out, sitting on the rocks & vertainly wouldn’t have been able to pull her back up. (although I guess you could argue it could have bought the time for the camera guy to help out) but likely end result would have been them both going over the edge and with an impaired trajectory, closer to the rock face.

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