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The world’s strongest coffee is now made in Cape Town
Posted by on Jul 25th, 2016

Ever wanted to try the world’s strongest coffee? Well if you’re in SA then you’re in luck because the strongest coffee in the world is now made right here in Cape Town. Black Insomnia coffee is locally brewed from Brazilian and Ugandan beans and contains an eye-opening 57.5 mg of caffeine per cup. 6% more caffeine that the former strongest coffee in the world title holder. To put that into perspective…a cup of Starbucks coffee has 20.6 mg per cup.

black insomnia

Now if you’re a coffee lover or simply just want the bragging rights of claiming that you’ve tried and survived the world’s strongest coffee then head on over to Shift Espresso bar in Green Point, Cape Town who are currently serving it. Black Insomnia was created by Sean Kristafor and is brewed by legend barista Gerald Charles.

shift espresso bar

Location HERE.

Alternatively you can order online HERE. They have beans or grind as well as coffee pods.

Now go get some.

Good times.

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