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People of Sea Point #12 – couple spotted walking a cat on a leash on the promenade [pic]
Posted by on Jul 25th, 2016

Havn’t done a People of Sea Point post in a while, but I was running on the promenade yesterday and saw a woman with a cat on a leash that deserved to be added. It was surrounded by people so couldn’t take a decent picture, but someone sent in one earlier. Surprising for some, but given that in the past we have seen a pig on a leash, a unicorn being taken for a walk and even a snake on a bicycle along the promenade…a cat is just par for the course hey.

Here you go.

cat promenade

Must have freaked out all the Pokemon Go players that were on the promenade yesterday.

Given all the dogs off leash i wonder how wise that is.

Anyways…still doesnt beat the unicorn spotted on the promenade HERE, or the snake being taken for a bike ride HERE or the pig on a leash HERE.

And for all the People of Sea Point that have been spotted click HERE.

[thanks Kashief]

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