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Discovery Vitality are making their controversial points system easier from August onward [pic]
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2016

If you’re a Discovery Vitality member then you will no doubt have heard all the complaints after they changed the fitness points allocation in April. People ranted on social media and Facebook groups by disgruntled members set up where the amended system received a high number of negative comments due to the unreasonable way points were allocated. The focus shifted to giving points based on heart rate data that seemed to work against members who were very fit and had lower heart rates. Some who got an Apple watch under the assumption they could meet their points targets suddenly couldn’t keep up anymore and ended up having to pay, but now Discovery have announced that are changing the points system again and have made it easier for members to reach their goals.

The major changes to the new points system include a drop in the maximum weekly goal from 1200 points to 900 points, revised heart rate categories (30-59 min average workout will now get you 200 points and a 60 min moderate workout will get you 300 points) and a new points system for timed and verified races. They are also re-introducing the popular 50 points category for tracking 5 000 steps a day.

Here’s a full breakdown of the changes.

discovery vitality fitness points 2016 small

discovery vitality timed races small

Click those for the bigger versions.

And if you’re an ultra-fit or endurance athlete then you will be happy to know they have introduced a category just for you.

“From Saturday, 20 August 2016, we are tailoring the Vitality programme for highly active members. This category is for individuals who are training and competing in peak performance zones and who regularly participate in marathons, triathlons and similar endurance events.

These Endurance and High Performance members typically exercise at lower heart rates for longer periods of time and we want to recognise your ongoing dedication and efforts when it comes to both their training and competing.

In addition to the standard Vitality points for 30+ minute workouts, it will be possible for Endurance and High Performance members to earn 300 to 600 points for workouts of more than 90 minutes depending on the duration of the workout and their heart rate band. For example, members can earn 300 points for a 90-minute workout at 60-69% of their maximum age-related heart rate and 450 points for a similar 120-minute workout.

For workouts of over 90 minutes, we have also lowered the highest heart rate band for our Endurance and High Performance members to 70%+ of maximum age-related heart rate. Now they can earn 450 points for a 90-minute workout and 600 points for a 120-minute workout at 70% of their maximum age-related heart rate.”

More on the new category HERE.

For info on the updated fitness points allocation system click HERE.

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