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One in a billion shot as policeman fires a bullet into the barrel of his attackers gun disabling it [PIC]
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2016

Remember the story of Robin Hood shooting his arrow into the back of someone else’s arrow splitting it on the target? Well here’s a modern day version of that and they are calling it a one in a billion chance. Jose Marquez, a sheriff’s deputy in Colorado, was being attacked by robbers when they exchanged fire. Marquez fired several shots, one of which went straight down the barrel of the attackers gun, hit the bullet in the chamber and disabled the weapon.

His a pic of the gun at the scene.

one in a billion

The attack happened earlier this year in January, but the image was made public recently.

“In an exchange of gunfire that left him seriously wounded, Marquez hit one suspect in the leg, and another of his .45-caliber bullets made a “one in a billion” shot, according to a letter Orman wrote to Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader and Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz.

That round traveled up the barrel of the attacker’s gun, colliding with a cartridge in the chamber and rendering the .40-caliber pistol inoperable, the letter said.” [Denver Post]

Fluke of the year.

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