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Anonymous Group has hacked Armscor, SA’s arms procurement agency, and leaked military secrets [PIC]
Posted by on Jul 13th, 2016

Oh dear.

Sensitive arms procurement files and supplier passwords have been posted online after hacktivist group Anonymous breached the online security of Armscor, South Africa’s arms procurement agency. 63 MB of data was posted onto the Tor network (the dark internet) including screenshots of suppliers, ID’s and passwords which effectively allow anyone to login and open a settlement. It also shows transactions between Armscor and big arms companies like Denel, Thales group, Rolls Royce and the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company.

anonymous armscor

The screenshots show confidential details from the Armscor invoicing and settlements computer systems.

“Cyber security expert Danny Myburgh, of Cyanre, The Computer Forensic Lab, said the Armscor attack is “up there with some of the world’s biggest hacks”.

He said what could be done with the information depended on what it was.

“It could compromise strategic defence plans in terms of highly confidential tenders.

“On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being catastrophic, this is a 10.” [TimesLIVE]

While the breach doesn’t immediately pose a threat it is feared that the hacker could have left behind spyware or malware that could compromise security.

[via HackRead]

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