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Hectic video of SA window washers attacking a motorist through car window [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jul 12th, 2016

You know those guys who wash windows at traffic lights with just a bucket of water and a window sponge and ask for a tip. Havn’t seen any of them in Cape Town for ages, but apparently they are quite common at certain Joburg intersections. Some ask permission to clean your window while others simply start cleaning whether you like it or not. The windows often end up dirtier than they were before they started and obviously this leads to confrontation, but its getting so out of hand that motorists are being attacked and stabbed.

The latest incident was captured at the infamous traffic lights in Bruma, Johannesburg where three window washers assaulted a motorist.

window washer attack

Here’s the footage via Intelligence Bureau (Pty) Ltd.

No context to that video so have no idea what the motorist did before they attacked him.

There is this though from Prin Naidoo was commented below the Intelligece Bureau Facebook page.

prin naidoo


ani says:
July 07, 2016 at 10:09 am

They’ve started at the Jakes Gerwel Dr (Vanguard) and Voortrekker Road intersection in Cape Town and are really irritating.

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