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Magician impales presenter’s hand during trick on live morning TV show [video]
Posted by on Jul 5th, 2016

Few things more embarrassing for a magician than when a magic trick fails in front of an audience…except maybe when you’re performing a trick during a live morning TV show and you impale the presenters hand on a nail. That’s exactly what happened when a Poland’s Got Talent contestant tried to show Question for Breakfast presenter Marzena Rogalska one of his tricks and failed badly.

The squash-the-hidden-nail-in-the-bag trick didn’t end well.

magician nail trick fail

Here’s the footage. Brace yourself for the part where he slams her hand down on the bag at the 1 min mark.

Can’t believe he just smiled and then tried to cover it up!

Guess he won’t be winning Poland’s Got Talent.

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