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This guy is suing Apple for $10 billion, says his drawings from 1992 are proof he invented the iPhone [pic]
Posted by on Jun 30th, 2016

It’s not everyday you’re in a position to sue someone for stealing your idea let alone take on a global tech giant, but Thomas Moss from Florida in the US is doing just that and claiming that Apple stole his idea and that he invented the iPhone 15 years before they did. He is suing Apple for a tidy $10 billion based on drawings he submitted for patent in 1992.

apple copied

man sues apple $10 billion

In the drawing he describes the device as including a backlit LCD display, a cellphone antenna, a rechargeable battery, a keyboard etc.

He filed the lawsuit on Monday, but already it has emerged that the patent was abandoned because he failed to pay the application fee. It hasN’T stopped him though because he reckons it’s enough proof the idea was his.

“A Florida man has accused Apple of infringing a 1992 patent on an “electronic reading device” that, in our view, looks nothing like the iPhone. He’s asking for $10 billion in damages.”

“Ross says he was the first person “to have created a novel combination of media and communication tools.” [MacWorld]

Good luck with that chap.

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