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The different reactions of England and Iceland commentators when Iceland scored yesterday [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jun 28th, 2016

If you’re a football fan then you will definitely have heard that England were knocked out of the Euro 2016 tournament by massive underdogs Iceland. The English were sent back home following the 2-1 defeat, but it’s the Iceland commentator that has been making headlines with his over emotional reaction when his team scored. The complete opposite of England’s Steve McClaren who was giving his analysis on the game in studio saying how much the English were dominating when Iceland scored the winner.

This was his reaction.


Now compare that to Iceland commentator, Gudmundur Benediktsson, who completely lost his sh*t when they scored the winning goal.

Here’s another video of him screaming like a girl when the final whistle blew.


steven mcclaren vs iceland

Good times.

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