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Speed flyer swoops through Nettleton Road mansions in Clifton [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jun 20th, 2016

Don’t ask me exactly what speed flying is, but it involves a small, fast fabric wing and the person normally does some high speed proximity flying near steep slopes etc. It’s like a combination of paragliding, parachuting and those wingsuit guys. Anyways…some speedflyer recently jumped off Lion’s Head in Cape Town and then swooped through the mansions of Nettleton Road and expensive apartment blocks of Clifton before landing on the beach.

How’s this for proximity flying.

speedflyer clifton

The video starts off slowly, but he goes in low and fast at around the 1 min mark.

It’s all fun and games till some rich oke throws you with a bottle of Moet.

[via Jean-Jacques Wallis]

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