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Penny Sparrow has explained those monkey comments [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jun 15th, 2016

You should all be familiar with Penny Sparrow hey…the KZN real estate agent who caused a social media outcry after her racist post on Facebook went viral when she called black people ‘monkeys’ for littering on New Year’s eve. This week she was fined R150 000 for hate speech by the equality court and then spoke to News 24 to explain what she meant. It didn’t go so well. Sparrow told News 24 that she thinks ‘black people are wonderful’ and followed it up with “It is a white thing. White people use monkey as a term of endearment when they are naughty or impish.”

This was the original Facebook post that got Penny into trouble.

penny sparrow original post

And here’s the exclusive interview with News 24 recently.

Clearly the incident has taken it’s toll. She doesn’t even look like the same person.

penny sparrow headshot

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