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Bystanders cheer as two guys casually escape from a police van in South Africa [video]
Posted by on Jun 14th, 2016

Someone please add this to the ‘Only in South Africa’ list of things you can shake your head at. Someone filmed two suspected robbers casually bend open the rear door of a South African Police Service van and escape to loud cheers from bystanders. The incident apparently took place in Pinetown and shows one suspect squeeze through a gap in the door and then help his mate out. The vehicle doesn’t appear to have a police officer in it.

suspect escapes police van


Here’s the footage.

Well played SAPS.

“News24 contacted the Pinetown Police Station, but authorities were not aware of the alleged incident.

“Nothing has been reported of that nature – we are not aware of suspects escaping from one of our vehicles,” said Crime Prevention colonel KS Pillay on Friday.” [News24]

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