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Jean pant criminal spotted working out in CT gym wearing jeans shorts over running tights [PIC]
Posted by on Jun 9th, 2016

A couple of weeks back i posted a pic of a jean pant criminal spotted working out at a Cape Town gym wearing tight skinny jeans and a polo shirt HERE and of course it didn’t take long for other readers to send in pics saying they too have come across the rare species of human that trains in jeans. And someone captured the elusive jean short pant criminal in its natural habitat.

[David Attenborough voice] And here we see the elusive jean short pant criminal contemplating its lonely existence…oversized headphones isolating itself from the judgement of society. This unique specimen has chosen to enhance it’s majesticness with the addition of running tights and a mullet for mating display purposes.

jean short pants and running tights

They walk amoungst us.

[thanks Gary]

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