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SA’s snake pastor is now driving over his congregation to demonstrate God’s power [PICS]
Posted by on Jun 8th, 2016

It seems that some pastors in South Africa are trying to outdo one another when it comes to demonstrating the power of the almighty and in the past year we’ve seen one giving members of his church petrol to drink claiming he can change into pineapple juice HERE, we’ve seen another claim to take pictures of heaven on his mobile and sell it his congregation for R5000 and also bless their underwear HERE. Then there is pastor Pastor Penuel Mnguni who fed his followers snakes and has now made headlines again for driving over his church goers in a car.

Yep…our boy is literally driving over people to show them the power of God.

pastor driver

pastor driver 2

pastor driver 3

This from his Facebook page.

“Conference 3 June 2016
Kameelrivier B stadium hall
Demonstration of Power
Congregants witnessed the power of God.
The man of God Prophet Penuel demonstrated the power of God by running over two members of the congregants:
He commanded both of the members to sleep followed by moving the car over them.
The man of God then commanded them to wake up while the car was on top of their bodies. He then asked them if they felt any pain and their response was “we do not feel anything”
Prophet Penuel proceeded by reversing the car back and again he commanded them to wake up.
By amazement they stood up and began to dance and praise God together with the rest of the congregants.” [FB]


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