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7 yr old Japanese boy left in woods as punishment by parents found alive 6 days later
Posted by on Jun 3rd, 2016

Dunno if you saw the story about the massive search for a 7 yr old Japanese boy who was abandoned in a forest as punishment by his parents, but it has a happy ending since they have found him alive and safe…6 days after he went missing. The parents of young Yamato Tanooka punished him for misbehaving by letting him out of the car in the dense woods of northern Japan. He was found nearly a week later on a military base 5km from where they left him.

And get this…when the parents were finally reunited with their son the dad said he was sorry and the kid simply ‘nodded and said ok’.

yamato tanooka

I’m happy that he’s alive, but can you imagine being 7 years old and alone in the forest for a week.

‘Seven-year-old Yamato Tanooka was found in military barracks near Shikabe in northern Hokkaido, just a few kilometres from where he was left.
His parents initially said he had got lost, but eventually admitted briefly abandoning him for being naughty.
His father has apologised to his son and rescuers, saying “we went too far”. [BBC]

No sh*t you went too far ahole.

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