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Someone claims they found a whole mouse in their Woolies pie [PIC]
Posted by on Jun 2nd, 2016

A Cape Town woman is claiming that she found a dead mouse in her Steak & Kidney pie she bought from the Woolworths in Adderly Street. Carmelita Pienaar told the Daily Voice that she bought three pies, but the staek and kidney pie didn’t quite taste right when she bit into it. She apparently discovered the dead mouse after she opened the pie.

Brace yourself.

mouse woolies pie

Oh dear.

Ok so i’m not saying she’s lying and i havnt seen other images, but where did she bite into that pie exactly? Don’t see no piece missing.

“I didn’t take the pie out of the packet, but I knew something was wrong because it didn’t feel or taste right. And when I broke the pie open I saw the mouse,” she says.

Carmelita says that mense at the café were also in shock and took pictures which they posted on social media.

She and her friend returned to Woolworths.”

“While we were waiting for the manager, I asked to use the bathroom and then I vomited,” Carmelita says.” [Daily Voice]

According to the rest of the article the Woolworths manager apparently gave her R350 and told her to go see a doctor. Woolworths has said they have received the complaint and are investigating, but havn’t released a statement yet.

UPDATE: Woolies says the mouse was placed there after the pie was baked.

“In a statement, Woolworths said: “Following an investigation, we can confirm that the mouse was not baked into the pie at our store but was rather put in it post production.”

It adds: “We are continuing our investigation to establish the source of the foreign object.” [IOL]

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