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Global outrage after gorilla shot to save 4 yr old who fell into zoo enclosure [video]
Posted by on May 30th, 2016

A beloved 17 year old silverback gorilla at the Cincinatti Zoo was shot over the weekend when a 4 year old boy climbed through the railings and fell into the enclosure. The incident was captured on mobile phones by shocked onlookers and has caused global outrage after many felt it was unnecessary to kill Harambe the gorilla. The boy is doing fine, but many are calling for the parents to be charged with being neglectful and that the death of the gorilla should be blamed on them.

gorilla 4 yr old boy

In the footage the mom of the little boy can be heard screaming and telling him ‘mommy loves you’. There is no footage of the gorilla being shot.

Glad the kid is ok, but experts saying that the gorilla would not have harmed the boy and was merely investigating the kid and dragged him away from the screaming onlookers. Some even believe the gorilla was defending and protecting the boy.

“AN AUSTRALIAN animal behaviour expert says the gorilla shot dead in a popular US zoo would not have harmed the child who fell into his enclosure.
There has been global outrage since a silverback gorilla, Harambe, was shot and killed “to save the life of a child” who climbed through a public barrier at Gorilla World, Cincinatti Zoo.
The four-year-old boy dropped 4.5 metres into a moat before coming face to face with the leader of a troop of silverbacks.” []

The social media backlash has been harsh though with anger directed at the parents for not controlling their kid.

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