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Twitter is making several big changes soon…here’s what you need to know
Posted by on May 26th, 2016

Last week there was news that Twitter will no longer count images, videos and URL links toward the 140 character limit in tweets HERE. In the past adding an image would use up 24 characters, but soon you’ll have those extra characters available. Then yesterday Twitter announced that this will not be the only major change and they will also not count the @names when replying to a tweet. Previously if many Twitter usernames were included in a tweet you had very little characters left to use in a reply. Other significant changes coming in the next few months will be the ability to retweet and quote your own tweets and they are also drop the .@ feature which allows you start a tweet with a username and have it still broadcast to all your followers.

Here’s a better explanation of the new changes.

twitter changes 2016

Those new changes will take effect over the coming months.

More info HERE.

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