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Tim Noakes now says you must eat once every 12-24 hours
Posted by on May 13th, 2016

Ah yes…you can be sure that anything Tim Noakes says will make headlines and this week he threw out some new thoughts and of course they were controversial. In a talk about carbohydrates in Cape Town he said that if you are eating every 3 hours you are addicted to food. Noakes said humans were designed to eat only one and a half meals a day and that “Hunger is every 12 to 24 hours. If you’re eating every 12 to 24 hours you’re eating appropriately”.

tim noakes food addiction

Noakes has even come up with a test to see if you’re a food addict.

“Tomorrow morning, have your cornflakes. You will see that you will have to eat at 11:00. Write it down – you will be hungry at 13:00 and at 15:00.

“The next day, eat bacon and sausage until you can’t eat anymore. Then you will notice at 11:00 you’re not hungry. At 17:00 you will start feeling a little hunger. That will show you that fat and protein inhibit your hunger. They satiate you whereas carbohydrates drive hunger.” [News24]

Eat all the sausage.

Now you know.

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