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The Cure are coming to tour SA in 2017…probably
Posted by on May 13th, 2016

If you’re an old school rock fan then The Cure is likely right up there on your list of favourite bands of all time. And they are probably coming to SA next year. Well according to Big Concerts anyway. Several people sent me messages asking it’s true and for now all i can tell you is that popular local music blog Texx and the City posted yesterday that the British rockers are very keen to tour SA, but couldn’t fit it into their schedule for this year and are looking at dates in 2017. In an exclusive interview Big Concerts said that they are ‘reasonably confident’ The Cure will come to SA next year.

Real music.

the cure

You can read more from the Texx and the City exclusive HERE.

In the mean time here’s your Friday music courtesy of The Cure performing Close To Me in 1990.

Good times.

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