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Judge Mabel Jansen defends her rape is part of black culture comments
Posted by on May 10th, 2016

The massive public outcry over the racist Facebook posts from Pretoria high court Judge Mabel Jansen has resulted in calls for her resignation, but she has responded and is defending her comments saying they were taken out of context and she did not insinuate that all black men are rapists.

If you missed it…a Facebook conversation between Judge Jansen and activist Gillian Schutte recently went viral which included comments from Jansen where she says that the rape of babies and women is a pleasurable pastime in black culture.

Here’s is part of the conversation that has caused the outrage.

mabel jansen

The comments were widely condemned with the ANC and DA both calling for an investigation.

Jansen though has since responded and says she was taken out of context.

mabel jansen twitter

“Jansen said that the comments referred specifically to the cases she had handled.

They formed part of a private Facebook inbox exchange from last May, emanating from an attempt by Jansen to get help for the victims of the rape and assault cases that she hears.

It worried her that victims were often alone with no help – especially children, and women raped by a relative or family member.

She was told Schutte would be able to give her advice on how to help them, and they started communicating via Facebook inbox.” [News24]

She says she was refering to specific cases and not generalising.

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