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Jet propelled hoverboard smashes world record for furthest flight [video]
Posted by on May 3rd, 2016

Last week some dude without engineering skills created a homemade hoverbike HERE that sent geeks into a frenzy, but it has nothing on inventor Frank Zapata who just smashed the world record for longest hoverboard flight. Zapata’s jet propelled hoverboard went 2.2 km, ten times further than the previous record and is capable of going up to 150 km/h. He broke the record in France that has been confirmed by Guinness World Records.

hoverboard world record

Here’s the video.

Don’t expect it to commercially available anytime soon though.

“The company plans more demonstrations and will soon release additional footage. As for commercializing it, Zapata has already been approached by numerous companies, and thinks the Flyboard Air would be useful for government and security forces. He’s even working on a more advanced design that would be easier for the general public to use. “If everybody wants a Flyboard Air, we have to work with the government, we have to work with liability, we have to work on a thousand things. But why not?” [Engadget]


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