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50 Cent slammed for shaming airport worker for being high, but who was actually disabled [video]
Posted by on May 3rd, 2016

If you didn’t already think that rapper 50 Cent was a dick then you will after reading that he posted a video to his 8 million plus Twitter followers of an airport staff member he said looked ‘high as a motherf*cker’ while at work. 50 Cent followed the young man who didn’t respond and belittled him before saying the ‘new generation is crazy’. It later emerged that the man he was making fun of is actually disabled and suffers from social difficulties.

50 cent airport

Here’s the video 50 Cent posted.

And he was the response of from one of his friends on Instagram.

The guy 50 Cent was making fun, Andrew Farrell, has simply thanked everyone for their support and said he plans to go to court.

50 Cent is 100% an asshole.

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