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‘Please Call Me’ guy has won his case against Vodacom…could be a billionaire
Posted by on Apr 26th, 2016

The long David vs Goliath court case between Nkosana Makate and Vodacom over it’s ‘Please Call Me’ service has finally come to an end. The constitutional court reached a verdict earlier and basically said that Vodacom has to compensate Makate for coming up with the ‘please call me’ idea. According to reports Vodacom has reached an agreement over how much Makate will be getting, but if you remember last year his legal team said that they may need to pay up to R10.5 billion in backdated liability. Makate claimed that ‘Please Call Me’ was his idea when he worked at Vodacom and that he agreed to a 15% share of the revenue generated by the service which is estimated to be as much as R70 billion.

please call me

If you’re wondering how the ‘please call me’ service generated so much revenue then you can see in the image there that the money is generated through advertising. The service has been running since the year 2000.

“Former Vodacom employee Nkosana Makate has won his claim against cellphone giant Vodacom for coming up with the idea for the “please call me” service.

Makate‚ who claimed he invested the idea and took it to his bosses at Vodacom‚ demanded payment from the company and the Constitutional Court on Tuesday agreed that Vodacom owes Makate.” [Sowetan]

Now you know.

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