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Starbucks SA coffee prices and how it compares to other local brands [pics]
Posted by on Apr 22nd, 2016

So Starbucks finally opened their first coffee shop in South Africa and many of you will be wondering what it tastes like and how much it costs. Well i can’t help you with the taste since the store opened in Joburg, but i can tell you how much it’s gonna cost and how the prices compare to a few other familiar coffee brands in SA. I was gonna create a table that compares the brands and prices, but i’m too lazy it’s too complicated given the different sizes and variations so i’m just gonna post pics of the menus.

Here’s the Starbucks SA menu with prices.

starbucks coffee SA prices

Vida e caffe.

vida e coffee prices


bootlegger coffee prices

Seattle Coffee Co.

seattle coffee prices


truth coffee prices


wimpy coffee prices

Now you know.

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