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100 km/h winds and 8 m swell expected in Cape Town tomorrow [pic]
Posted by on Apr 21st, 2016

If ever there was a day to exclaim ‘winter is coming’ in Cape Town then today would be pretty good day to do so because the weather for tomorrow is off the charts. It’s no secret that Cape Town is a windy city, but i dont’ think i’ve ever seen a forecast with predicted wind speeds close to 100 km/h. I check WindGuru quite often and have never seen a wind speed rating colour that’s marked as dark blue. I’ve always thought that purple was the worst that it could get, but apparently not.

At 2pm tomorrow they are predicting wind gusts of 95 km/h. Along with 8.4 meter waves just after sunset.

windguru cape town 22 april

To give you some idea of the wind speed, the City of Cape Town government website puts that in the ‘considerable damage’ category on the Beaufort scale.

capetown gov wind

The house in that picture doesn’t look very lekker.

Another noteworthy forecast is that at 5pm WindGuru says we can expect 23.6 mm of rain. That is buckets.

Be safe tomorrow.

UPDATE: the forecast has dropped slightly with wind gusts still up to 90 km/h and swell up to 7.5 m.

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