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This R3800 plain yellow DHL t-shirt has turned the fashion world upside down [pic]
Posted by on Apr 20th, 2016

If i told you that a plain bright yellow DHL branded t-shirt you get if you work there is worth R3800 you will most likely think i’m taking you for a ride, but the fashion world has been turned on it’s head after a Paris fashion collective sent a model down the catwalk wearing the ‘must have’ item of the spring 2016 season…a plain DHL t-shirt. The Vetements label put the t-shirt on it’s shelves for £185 and people scrambled to buy it. The demand is so high that stocks are sold out and the price at some online retailers have reached ridiculous levels.

vetements dhl

Fashion experts are still debating whether the anti-fashion t-shirt is a brilliant statement about capitalism or the Vetements labeljust taking the piss, but either way it’s being called trendy and fashion bloggers are obsessed with it.

You can actually buy a genuine DHL t-shirt from the DHL merchandise store for $6.50,but you have to order 100 at a time.

Ok then.

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