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Conspiracy theory of the day – was load shedding planned to facilitate the R1 trillion nuclear deal
Posted by on Apr 14th, 2016

Ok so let’s put aside how far fetched this sounds and pretend that the current Zuma and Gupta mess is just the tip of the iceberg and corruption in SA is much worse than we thought. To the point that someone has come up with a theory that we were all fooled by load shedding last year and it was merely a hoax to create a false energy crisis that would facilitate the R1 trillion nuclear proposal making JZ and his homies a ton of money in the process. You know how much i love conspiracy theories, but hear me out for a bit. I read two seperate articles this morning and when you combine them it actually doesn’t sound all that impossible.

conspiracy theory

First up is a very good read on TimesLive about the possible reasons the Guptas left South Africa after resigning from their company Oakbay Resources and Energy. The opinion piece by Allister Sparks put everything we know so far together including the following noteworthy facts

– Last week all four of SA’s big banks closed Oakbay’s accounts and KPMG announced it would no longer audit the company’s books
– The Guptas (Atul and Varun) then resign from Oakbay and moved to Dubai
– Duduzane Zuma (Jacob Zuma’s son) resigns from his nonexecutive chairmanship of Shiva Uranium, a subsidiary of Oakbay
– In 2010 Jacob Zuma went to Russia and met with Vladimir Putin and reportedly signed two agreements to build 6-8 nuclear power plants in SA

The article also goes into more detail about the relationship between Oakbay and Shiva Uranium including that “in 2010, Oakbay bought Shiva Uranium, then a struggling operation, for a knock-down price of R250m — about 14% of its reported value at the time”

This is where the other article on News24 about whether we were all fooled by load shedding comes in. It’s a user submitted article, but the author questions why Oakbay invested so heavily in uranium, the enriched form of which is used to operate nuclear power stations. It then goes on to say that in order for the public to buy into the nuclear deal a false energy crisis had to be created and load shedding was the easiest way to this, but how.

“Now in order to implement a series of load shedding, the culprits would need to appoint a group of cronies that that had direct influence over Eskom. Now we know Mark Pamensky was appointed to the Eskom board three months after joining the board of the Gupta-owned Oakbay Resources and Energy. We also now know that that the Gupta’s long-time associate and business partner, Salim Essa has had influence over a few member of the Eskom board over the past few years”

Cue the dramatic X-files music.

You can read the full articles here.

Is this why the Guptas zipped out of South Africa? by Allister Sparks

Were we all fooled by load shedding? by Paul Santo.

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