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Best of Cape Town 2016 – who makes the best sushi in Cape Town? [poll]
Posted by on Apr 14th, 2016

Right…you guys know the drill. The Best of Cape Town polls have returned and a few weeks ago. I did the first one to find out who makes the best coffee in Cape Town. It was predictably a very hotly debated topic, but a winner was eventually determined. You can see the top 10 HERE. For those of you who are not up to speed with the best of Cape Town polls it’s basically a crowd-sourced go-to list for anyone wanting to know where in Cape Town they can find for example the best burger, or pizza or coffee for example. I know there are already lists like that or restaurant reviews on several websites, but they are all made by so called ‘experts’ in the industry and are seldom unbiased. What i’m going for is a people’s choice list of what the best places are through social networks like Twitter and Facebook and here on Life is Savage.

Because locals know best.

I’m tired of reading that the best restaurant in Cape Town is blah blah according to some foreign magazine or website. They don’t know the real deal. I want insider info…the word on the street.

So without wasting more time let’s go with the next Best of Cape Town poll of 2016. One that was a very hot topic last time around.

Where in Cape Town would you go for the best sushi?

best sushi

Feel free to be specific so as to take into consideration price, originality, variety on offer, size of venue etc. This is only gonna work if as many folks as possible throw in their 2 cents. So next time you wanna try a new sushi place you know where to look for suggestions..given by locals.

If you are gonna make a suggestion on Twitter or Facebook then please use the hashtags #BestofCapeTown2016 and #BestSushi along with my Twitter handle @lifeissavage so i can track the results.

Leave a comment below this post as well so everyone can see your choice. Feel free to say justify your favourite and why you think so. Be sure to include price, size, ambience, friendliness of staff, hotness of other customers…anything really that will help other decide where they want to go for sushi.

Coz the whole point is to share this info with others so we can feel part of Cape Town’s inner circle.

I’ll give you a few days to get your favourites in then will count up the nominations and make a top 10 list based purely on your input.

Now let’s hear it…who makes the best sushi in Cape Town?

Gert Coetzee says:
April 04, 2016 at 4:22 pm

For the best sushi go to Isakaya Matsuri in De Waterkant. Here you will not get the mayonaise infused pseudo-sushi made popular by that famous joint in the Waterfront- you get authentic sushi by chef Arata Koga, whom many might remember from the heyday of Tank (after that he was in Stellenbosch before coming back about two years ago).

We are there at least once a week.


Tracy says:
April 04, 2016 at 4:22 pm

I fully agree with Gert. It is the ONLY place I will ever eat sushi!! Arata Koga is amazing and authentic!! I used to work with him at Tank, every morning at 5am he would be at Hout Bay Harbour or any other harbour buying fresh fish, if its not fresh he doesn’t serve it!

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