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As of today Uber will be reducing the fares on UberX across South Africa by 18%
Posted by on Apr 7th, 2016

I’m sure the majority of you readers are already Uber users, but if for some reason you still havn’t signed up HERE then today would be a good day to do so. As of 5pm today (Thursday, 7th of April), Uber will be reducing the fares on UberX across South Africa by an average of 18%. The fees will be reduced up to 20% nationwide with Johannesburg seeing drop in price roughly between 18-19%, and between 13-14% in Cape Town and Durban.

Given that the price of petrol went up by 88c a litre on Wednesday the Uber fare reduction is even more significant and bound to save you some much need travel expenses.

uber price drop

That’s a breakdown of where the prices have been reduced.

“Uber, in a statement, said that riders tend to venture out less during winter and that “this can be tough for driver-partners as this time spent idle is time they’re not earning”. UberX is the company’s cheapest ride option on the app and the planned price cut is expected to kick in from April 7.

Uber further explained in a statement that when it reduced fares in cities such as Nigeria’s Lagos, Poland’s Warsaw, Turkey’s Istanbul and Australia’s Perth, demand for the service rose as well as payments to driver-partners” [Fin 24]

And from Uber.

“At Uber, we are constantly looking for new ways to increase your take-home earnings, for this reason, on Thursday, 7th of April, at 5PM, we will be reducing the fares on UberX across South Africa. UberBlack and UberVAN pricing will NOT change.

As you will see below, we are so confident that this will be a success in South Africa, that we are willing to GUARANTEE YOUR EARNINGS.

Uber has reduced fares in many other countries across the world and the impact has been positive. In these countries, after reducing fares, we have seen an increase in the number of trips which new and existing riders take. This has led to an INCREASE IN PARTNER EARNINGS – which means that all partners and driver-partners are BETTER OFF after all of their costs.” [Uber]

If you still havn’t joined Uber then get R100 off your first free ride by signing up HERE.

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