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You can now check your Uber rating…here’s how
Posted by on Mar 31st, 2016

If you’re an Uber user then i’m sure you’ve often wondered what your rating was…basically the average score out of 5 that Uber drivers have given you based on what kind of passenger you are. There were ways of finding out in the past, but they required some effort or asking the driver to chek which they were hesitant to do. As of yesterday though Uber have made it a feature on the app and you can now find out if you’re a nice passenger or not.

I checked mine and it’s 4.64, but i’m blaming it on that one time i got picked up from Clifton 4th beach and put sand all over the clean back seat of his Audi. I tried to clean it, but he just gave me some side eye. Dude probably gave me a 1 on that trip.

uber rating

Anyways…here how you check your rating.

Open the Uber app
Click the settings icon
Scroll down and click on ‘HELP’
Click on ‘Account’
Scroll down and click on ‘I’d like to know my rating’
Click ‘SUBMIT’

And voila..there you go.

If you still havn’t joined then click HERE to get R100 off your first ride.

Good times.

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