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Watch this SA fisherman get knocked off his kayak by a shark [video]
Posted by on Mar 30th, 2016

Everyone knows that feeling you get when your foot touches something underwater and it moves, but imagine the panic of being out in the ocean on a kayak and being knocked into the water by a big shark. Dev De Lange knows that feeling and judging from his reaction it was panic stations code 10. De Lange was fishing off the coast of South Africa when he spotted a school of fish being chased by a shark. With his line in the water the shark suddenly rammed his kayak knocking him into the water. He managed to scramble back onto the kayak, but lost his gear and probably soiled his wetsuit.

The incident was captured on his Go Pro.

dev de lange 1

dev de lange 2

dev de lange 3

Here’s the dramatic footage.

What he said after he got back in the kayak.

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