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Real-time face swap video technology is amazing and the creepiest thing you’ll see today [video]
Posted by on Mar 24th, 2016

We are all familiar with those funny face swap apps where you can trade faces with a friend, but the latest technology has taken it to the next level. Not only is it video based, but it is real-time as well allowing users to make facial movements and the software reproduces the exact same expressions on a different face. More of a face control that an actual face swap, but you need to see it in action to fully grasp how amazing and creepy it is.


The technology called Face2Face and is being developed at Stanford University.

This will end badly.

mick says:
March 03, 2016 at 11:22 am

I would like to see something that changes the video’s background when chatting on internet/skype.
Greenscreen is too complicated but a nice pic (say of Table Mountain from my house) as background would be nicer than my grungy kitchen in real life.
Can anyone suggest something?

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