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SA’s film board has given Netflix 14 day warning or face sanctions
Posted by on Mar 18th, 2016

If you’ve signed up with Netflix in South Africa then you will be interested to know that apparently the SA Film and Publication Board has given Netflix a two week warning to comply with local regulations or face sanctions. South Africa’s Themba Wakashe (CEO of the FPB) was recently in Kenya and told the media that Netflix has not paid outstanding licencing fees. The FPB also apparently wants Netflix staff to be trained by South Africa.

netflix SA

This from Standard Media.

“Speaking at a Memorandum of understanding signing with the Kenya Film Classification Board, the Chief Operating Officer of the Film and Publication Board of South Africa Mr Sipho Risiba, said his country has slapped licensing fees yet to be paid by Netflix.” [Standard Media]

And this from Tech Central.

“However, ICT sector lawyer Dominic Cull warned that that FPB is acting “extra-legally”, or beyond the scope of the law, in attempting to regulate online content providers without a legislative framework in place.

He said the board is demanding up to R750 000 — soon rising to R795 000 — from these companies and they are getting little or nothing of value in return.” [TechCentral]


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