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Locations of the first 50 free Wi-Fi hotspots in Cape Town [map]
Posted by on Mar 17th, 2016

So yesterday the The Western Cape government along with Neotel launched the first 50 public Wi-Fi hotspots across the city as part of an intiative that will see 384 free hotspots scattered around Cape Town. 100 will be launched this year and the rest in 2017-2018. You will get 300MB per month of free browsing on your first connection and thereafter 250MB per month, but can top up with just R5 a day for up to 700 MB.

“the hotspots have been strategically located to ensure maximum coverage for all citizens” and of course i have the locations for you.

There is one just behind Hudsons in Green Point. You need to be within 200m of the wifi hotspot to gain access.

free wifi green point

There is also one on Long Street in the CD on the corner of Leeuwen Street.

Here’s a handy interactive map of all 50 free wifi hotspots in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Once you’re within range of the hotspot, switch on your wifi and search for networks and connect to “NeoHotspot”.

“The Wi-Fi hotspots will be mounted on the external walls of the buildings, and will point out towards the nearby community. Depending on topography, the hotspots have a range of up to 200m depending on the environment.

All devices that have Wi-Fi functionality can use this service.

NeoHotspots Internet Access is only R5/day (Limited to 700 MB) or R45/month (Limited to 5 GB). NeoHotspots vouchers are already available at participating Spar retail outlets and Engen service stations, with more voucher resellers expected to come online soon.

How to connect

• Go to device settings on your Wi-Fi enabled device.
• Turn on Wi-Fi.
• Search for Wi-Fi Networks.
• Select NeoHotspot.
• Click Connect.
• Start browsing!” [Western Cape Gov]

Good times.

[interactive map via htxt]

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