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Amateur footage of Joburg Metro police officers abusing a motorist goes viral [video]
Posted by on Mar 16th, 2016

Yet another video of Johannesburg Metro Police Department officers abusing a motorist is going viral after an incident was captured on mobile phone near the Mall of Africa. There isn’t much context, but you can clearly see the officers aggressive behaviour and pushing the motorist in the beginning. You can soon listen to the woman filming saying that they are abusing him before one of the officers drives his confiscated car away in the wrong direction at high speed. Apparently the driver didn’t have his rear licence plate visible, but said it was stolen and he had a new one in his car.

jmpd abusing motorist

Here’s the footage. Dunno when it was filmed.

According to Justice Project South Africa there are several unlawful actions by the JMPD apparent in the video HERE.

The matter is under investigation.

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