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Drunk carwash owner in SA threatens woman with a panga in road rage incident [video]
Posted by on Mar 2nd, 2016

We’ve seen some crazy road rage incidents in South Africa, but this chap is right up there in the local Anger Management awards category. The drunk carwash owner was captured on mobile phone video holding a panga and threatening several people during a road rage incident in Pietermaritzburg. At the end of the video he allegedly pushes the 16 year old girl filming it.

panga road rage

According to the Police Pics and Clips Facebook page

“Road rage incident. This is the type of person that shouldn’t be allowed in our community, threatening a defenseless lady with a panga and then also assualts her after she and the other gentleman supported him at his car wash.. yep he is the owner of café car wash Victoria road in pietermaritzburg.”

Here’s the video. Warning – foul language.

‘Have you been drinking?’


Well done guy..the courts are gonna love that part.

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