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DStv Premium will go up 8% to R759 pm in April 2016
Posted by on Mar 1st, 2016

If you’re a DStv subscriber then brace yourself for a significant price increase in April. Due to the weaker Rand, the prices of DStv packages will increase as much as 8.5% on April 1. Those of you currently paying R699 for the Premium bouquet will be paying R759 per month and if you include BoxOffice access then add R85 more. BoxOffice movie rentals will go up from R30 to R35 and the price of all the packages will go up except for DStv Access which stays the same.

dstv 2016 prices

So the major changes will be

DStv Premium: R699 to R759
DStv Extra: R425 to R459
DStv Compact: R319 to R345
DStv Family and DStv Select: R199 to R219
DStv Access: R99 (stays the same)

BoxOffice add-on access fee: R80 to R85
BoxOffice rentals: R30 to R35

For more price increases check HERE.

Now you know.

[thanks Dave]

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