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Sin tax increases – here’s how much more you’ll be paying for cigarettes and alcohol
Posted by on Feb 24th, 2016

So Pravin Gordhan delivered his budget 2016 speech and so far there have been mixed reactions. I’m not gonna go into all the things he spoke about, but for now you should know that he has increased the sin tax again. So cigarettes are going up by 6.7% and alcohol by 6% to 8.5%. Be prepared to pay nearly a full Rand more for a pack of 20 smokes. Here’s a breakdown of how much more you will be paying.

A pint of beer and a cigarette

Budget 2016 – Sin Tax increases

Cigarettes – 82 cents (20 pack)
Cigarettes (tobacco) – 94 cents per 50g
Pipe tobacco – 27 cents per 25g
Cigars – R4.32 per 23g
Beer – 11 cents per 340ml
Spirits – R3.94 per 750ml
Fortified wine – 27 cents per 750ml
Unfortified wine – 18 cents per 750ml
Sparkling wine – 59 cents per 750ml
Cider – 11 cents per 340ml

Big hit for those of you who smoke cigars and dink spirits.

I’m told the increases will take effect on April 1.

Now you know.

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