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CCTV captures robbery during show house in Constantia [video]
Posted by on Feb 24th, 2016

It’s no secret that having a show day on Sunday to sell your house is a great way to get plenty of people to view your property all on one day, but it also comes with the risk of dozens of complete strangers walking around your home and any real estate agent will tell you not to leave valuables lying around just in case. Well a Constantia home owner learnt that lesson recently when they were robbed during an open house show day. CCTV cameras captured two men working together pretending to be buyers, but instead made off with a laptop, watches and other valuables.

The one guy pretends to be reading a property brochure while keeping an eye out and instructing his mate to go through the cupboards and drawers. They eventually put the stolen items in the one guys bag and you can even see another prospective buyer walk into the room to look around.

constantia show house robbery

Here’s the footage sent in by Dave Riches.

Anyone recognise those guys?

Or the lady below…who was also captured in Constantia brazenly shoplifting from a gift shop.

Dodgy people in Constantia.

UPDATE: It seems the same guy who robbed the show house in Constantia has been captured on CCTV at a car dealership where he allegedly stole a Mercedes Benz. On 15 February, Autolink in Goodwood uploaded the following to their Facebook page.


Yep looks like the same guy.

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