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Protesters and UFS rugby fans clash during Varsity Cup game [video]
Posted by on Feb 23rd, 2016

Violence erupted yesterday at the Varsity Cup rugby game between Shimlas and Madibaz at the University of Free State when protesters clashed with members of the crowd. The match was stopped when students and protesters walked onto the field to draw attention to outsourced workers at the university. Spectators then stormed the field and video footage shows several protesters being assaulted.

shimlas vs madibaz

Here’s part of the footage in high quality video.

And here’s a longer video, but the quality is poor.

The on-field clashes led to further violence and students rampaged into the night leading to the university suspending academic activities.

ufs protests

lady k

UPDATE: here’s closeup footage of arguments on the field just prior to chaos erupting

There’s a btter quality version HERE.

Can anyone figure out what the guy with the camo cap on backwards said at the 28 second mark? Whatever he said seemed to have made the girl really mad.

[thanks Clint]

UPDATE 2: here’s another video of the argument from another angle and video from within the crowd. You can clearly hear what the guy in the camo cap said. Watch from the 2 min mark onward.

Jennifer says:
February 02, 2016 at 7:11 am

I think he said that he didn’t like kittens on the internet.

Meh. What does it matter what he said? The whole situation is fucking ridiculous. These “kids” are the brightest, most educated individuals of this generation. And f**king look at them.
Whites thinking they’re entitled to everything. Blacks thinking they should get everything handed to them on a plate.

It’s utterly pathetic, and it would be lovely if we could simply ignore it. Sadly, these utter f**knuts are the future of SA.

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