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Here’s why there was R20 billion in SA currency on that plane stuck in Zim
Posted by on Feb 22nd, 2016

So last week there was a whole drama over a cargo plane stuck at Harare airport in Zimbabwe because authorities has discovered blood leaking from the fuselage. The blood was from a suspected stowaway and the plane was grounded. It was also reported that a large amount of South Africa currency was on board and over the weekend it was revealed how much exactly…a tidy R20 billion in SA notes.

R20 billion

The plane is finally back in SA, but not without several people asking why there was a dead body on board, why it was carrying so much currency and what was the money for.

According to the Reserve Bank the currency was loaded onto the plane in Germany. Apparently it’s not uncommon for SA notes to be printed abroad and then transported here.

The dead body is another story though. They are calling it a suspected stowaway, but how does one sneak onto a plane supposedly carrying R20 billion in currency? Surely security would be a tad more than just the normal.

“Pretoria had to intervene to get Zimbabwean authorities to release a plane carrying an estimated R20-billion in rand notes – and a corpse.”

“Meanwhile, plane-spotters reported that blood had been seen on the aircraft’s fuselage in Liège already, suggesting that a suspected stowaway had boarded the plane in Africa before the Reserve Bank flight had commenced. Aviation reports say blood stains were reported to Munich Airport ground staff, who concluded that they were the result of bird strikes.

The body of the suspected stowaway was discovered when the plane landed in Harare.

Zimbabwe police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said yesterday that security services had cleared the release of the plane and crew, “which has since left for South Africa with the body and the South African rands” [Sunday Times]

Now you know.

mick says:
February 02, 2016 at 11:57 am

I wonder how much of the ±R20 billion was ‘left behind’ in Harare when the plane departed for jnb?

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