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Can anyone understand what Tina Joemat-Pettersson said at SONA 2016 [video]
Posted by on Feb 19th, 2016

A few days ago DA leader Mmusi Maimane made his ‘Planet Zuma’ speech HERE and then chief whip John Steenhuisen followed that up with an absolute roasting of the ANC HERE. I hope you watch both those videos from the SONA 2016 debates because they are quality. Several readers have sent in another video though asking if i can understand it and i will be lying if i said yes. So i’m throwing it out here to see if any of you can figure out what SA’s Minister of Energy was saying during her speech…especially the part about a cow giving birth to a fire.

You can watch the whole thing, but cut to the 3 min 50s mark to the bit everyone is trying to figure out.

Our minister of energy.

tina joemat

Any wanna take a stab at what she was saying?

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