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Tesla Powerwall home battery prices in South Africa revealed
Posted by on Feb 16th, 2016

SA-born billionaire tech legend Elon Musk revealed the Tesla Powerwall in May last year and the home battery kit is finally making its way to South Africa. Our loadshedding problems may have gone for now, but for those still looking for a home battery that can store electricity and power your home when the grid is down will be interested to know how much it’s gonna cost. When it was revealed last year the price for the cheapest model was set at $3000 which at straight currency conversion rates would set you back around R47 000. Well the actual price point for South Africa has been announced and you can expect to pay around R116 000…excluding installation.

Yep..R116 000.

tesla powerwal price SA

And that’s the cheapest option from Rubicon, Tesla’s authorised reseller in SA.

There are 3 more options that include solar panels and of course they are more pricey.

To see the entre list of Tesla Powerwall kits that will be available and the recommended price points check Business Tech HERE.

Now you know.

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