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Guy wearing ‘Kill All Whites’ t-shirt spotted at University of Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Feb 12th, 2016

They had the whole purple face drama at Stellenbosch University a few weeks back and then a pic of a student at WITS wearing a ‘F*ck all whites’ did the rounds. No racially charged incidents at the University of Cape Town though…well until yesterday that is.

A man at UCT was photographed wearing a ‘Kill All Whites’ t-shirt in a campus dining hall this week.

kill all whites

The university released a statement via it’s Facebook page saying the man wearing the t-shirt in the dining hall is not a UCT student, but strongly condemns the hate speech.

uct kill all whites

They go on to say that “The T-shirt message in this matter breaches all limits of free speech. It is hateful and vindictive.”

You can read the full statement HERE.

[pic via @DeanMacpherson]

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